Suction pumps and compressors are a key consideration in any dental surgery. We offer a range of market leading suction pumps and compressors of various sizes, depending on the practice and number of surgeries they are required to support.

Performance is paramount when choosing the right suction pump or compressor for the job. Our technical staff are always on hand to advise what unit would best suit the needs of the practice whatever your size and budget. There are always important considerations to take into account such as specific surgery requirements and the location of the suction pump/compressor. Alongside the unit itself we can offer competitive maintenance plans to ensure that there is continued smooth running of the unit and help prolonged the lifespan. Contact us today to discuss your suction and air requirements.



The VSA systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact assembly. Configured with hose lines, connections and a control unit, the VSA 1200 S and VSA 900 S systems simplify integration in every surgery, irrespective of whether they represent a new unit or a modernisation measure. The central suction and separation improves efficiency in comparison to local systems, as they minimise or even eliminate costs for additional automatic separators.

  • Maximum suction force without delay
  • Variable, space-saving installation
  • The two-stage separation brings high foam tolerance
  • Suitable for up to 6 treatment units
  • Separation rate 98.9 per cent
Pre-configured and space-saving either suspended or free standing.

Cattani Microsmart

Designed with three different preset vacuum settings: 70, 100 and 210 millibar, Micro Smart can easily adjust to different demand for the surgeries. These preset values have been set according to some experts suggestion however, different settings can be programmed by the operator at any time. By pressing the desired preset button on the control panel, the vacuum level can be easily set according to the type of procedure being performed. The system can also be controlled remotely via the WI-FI connection.

  • Reduces noise levels to 41-48 dB(A)
  • 3 programs – Low volume, High volume and High power
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Single Surgery
Flexible, reliable and powerful single surgery, variable speed suction system.

Cattani Turbosmart

The Cattani Turbo Smart is a powerful, variable speed suction system, ideal for surgical applications providing high airflow and high vacuum power. Turbo Smart is supplied for two surgery use and is upgradable to four surgeries if required. Turbo Smart has a programmable vacuum level which automatically alters vacuum on demand and responds to any change in use from the surgeries. Turbo Smart also features a multi-function digital display which informs the user of the vacuum level, temperature, servicing requirements, amalgam separation, fault diagnosis and programming.

  • Ability to vary motor speeds
  • Incredible vacuum/flow
  • System maintains consistent performance
  • Less energy consumption
  • Does not get as hot as other suction systems
  • Adjust level of suction to the type of work being performed
More than a universal aspirator variable, reliable and powerful.