Promec Dental are proud suppliers of Belmont dental chairs. We believe that Belmont offer the best dental chairs in the industry in terms of quality and value, we want the best for our clients. With a range of chair designs and packages available there is something for everyone.

The results of Belmont’s endeavors are elegant solutions with a performance and longevity that exceed expectations. Renowned, durable products made of hygiene-conscious materials, engineered and manufactured with vigour and care. The very whiteness of Belmont treatment centres exudes confidence and a healthy splash of upholstery colour can evoke the atmosphere that you seek. Belmont’s innovations for dentistry stem from a long and withstanding heritage in the fulfillment of the human need for comfort and desire for beauty. Belmont’s advancement of below -the-patient delivery system ergonomics realises a greater efficiency of time, space and energy. A level of console versatility yet unseen making every task easier; less reaching, a new calmness and clear lines of communication. This is what Belmont strive for with there range of dental chairs, a better daily operation for all.




The Eurus S8 demonstrates the very highest quality derived from a long line of exemplary design and product engineering. The Eurus S8 treatment centre is fully ambidextrous, enabling left and right handed operators to feel comfortable with the perfect working set-up. Similar to all other Eurus models, the S8 has a top level specification and feature-rich innovation including the highly intuitive touch-screen, bringing a wealth of operating functions to the fingertips of the operator.

  • Full ambidextrous capabilities
  • Accessibility for both patient and operator
  • Powerful intuitive touch-screen with advanced instrument control
  • Improved 200kg safe working patient weight
  • Twin-articulating headrest with more precise positioning
  • Designed for superior hygiene control
  • Standard or Ultrasoft upholstery
A wealth of safety features include the ability to stop all chair movements instantly should patient, dental staff or equipment safety be a concern.


The new Eurus S6 treatment centre exudes refinement and brings the next level of ultrasoft comfort, quality, innovation and style to contemporary dentistry. The super efficient design offers total accessibility for both patient and operator alike, allowing effortless working positions alongside discreet clean and preparation zones. The contemporary Eurus S6 has our renowned below-the-patient swing-arm delivery system, powerful intuitive touch-screen with advanced instrument control and integrated WaveOne technology as a factory built-in option.

  • Total accessibility for both patient and operator
  • Discreet positioning of doctor table, instruments and tray
  • Maximum safe working patient weight of 165kg
  • 90 degree rotating spittoon
  • Designed to assist with faster, easier and thorough cleaning
  • Benefits from an extremely quiet hydraulic chair system
  • Standard or Ultrasoft upholstery
The Eurus S6 benefits from an extremely quiet hydraulic chair system, with smooth movement ensuring complete patient comfort while being positioned for treatment.


Eurus S1 treatment centre encompasses a whole new level of innovative design. The Belmont Eurus S1 is the new generation model of the massively popular Belmont Clesta. The S1 range comprises of the Eurus S1 Traditional Hanging Type and the Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type. New design features include an intuitive touch-screen, integrated chair foot controls and flexible lighting.

  • Comprehensive and intuitive touch screen
  • Compact design to fit narrower spaces
  • Delivery unit with large tray
  • Designed to make it easier and faster to clean
  • Robust construction to allow up to 200kg
  • Integrated chair foot controls
  • Standard or Ultrasoft upholstery
The Eurus S1 dental chair features are designed to maximise convenience, control and hygiene.


Voyager III appeals to hygienists and dentists alike, with equal left-handed and right-handed compatibility. Voyager III treatment centres are extremely versatile and reliable offering incredible value to all practices. By the nature of its ambidextrous design and outstanding ergonomics, it is both a space-saving and a very efficient working environment.

  • Below patient delivery system
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Preparation zone
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Upgradeable operator’s console functionality
  • Standard or Ultrasoft upholstery
The simplicity of this elegant solution also allows the table to be positioned behind a Patient for discretion or cleaning and preparation.